The truth about Gsmbest Team and BST dongle

The wise does not buy rumours

Dear BST users:

1. I am the technical director of former Gsmbest Team, also the biggest shareholder of the team and company. At the beginning of 2019, the Gsmbest Team disbanded and the company had cancelled. All team member had left the team & company since then. The old website was not able to represent the team anymore. During the team disbanding, Gsmbest-Wei promised to all shareholders that he would hand over the control to all shareholders while company was cancelling. In our oral agreement, it should be closed while the company cancelled, but Gsmbest-Wei illegally embezzled the domain name and the host computer, which belonged to all shareholders. His actions not only without other shareholder’s permission, but also breach of his promise. Now he is still using the website to post distorted articles, because he had joined other team, and wants to sell other product among BST users. In fact it has nothing to do with BST or Gsmbest Team.

2. The old website, the BST Dongle forum section in gsmhosting, and the server host computer, were paid and constructed by all team members, they represented former team and company. Other team members were placing trust on Gsmbest-Wei to manage these resources, but he brazenly declared that these belong to him. His actions prove we should never trust him.

3. At the very beginning of Gsmbest Team’s creation, we agreed that the source code belongs to the developer, if Gsmbest-Wei disagreed, the Gsmbest Team and Best Smart Tools would not exist.

4. The “backdoor” mentioned by Gsmbest-Wei was the software protection mechanism, which was discussed in the team to protect the software from cracking or hacking. We’d never expected that we had to use it to defend BST from internal member’s attack. The software itself is completely safe to use.

5. All BST software version were coming from our technical team. At before new updates can be downloaded only by one click, but now you need manually download and install it, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Although the Gsmbest Team had disbanded, now BST Dongle is still maintaining by original technical team, and our name is BST Team. We are focusing on BST upgrade, and will continue to bring new versions to all BST users.

The wise does not buy rumours. Who is continuing upgrading BST dongle and who is destroying it. Speak with real features and services instead of posting rumors that mislead people. Facts will eventually break those rumours.

Sincerely yours,
BST Team.

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