Clarification about BST firmware update rumor

1. New release V3.50 had released and added new functions for OPPO. We are now already working on next update, we will bring more functions to our user. All you need to do is downloading the lastest install package from and install. If you have questions about BST dongle you can contact our online support directly.

2. The source of the rumor comes from former GsmBest Team(Disbanded) member GsmBest-Wei. Wei was a seller in the team before. After the GsmBest Team disbanded, he could not bring new update or service to BST dongle, because all exclusive function devlopment was accomplished by our technical team. He is terrifying users not to update new version because he wants to manipulate BST user and sell other product by the name of Gsmbest Team.

3. Because there were huge differences in the former GsmBest Team, we were not able to make any deal or agreement about BST dongle. GsmBest-Wei changed domain and server password , at the same time he also banned other team admin ID from the server. He illegally took the domain and the server. In the interest of our partners, resellers and users, we rebuild the server, change to new domain, release the new update and continue to serve our user.

4. The so called “offical replies”published by Wei was just forged by him, because he took the official seal without the permission of board of shareholders. That is why only his signature on it.

5. Since the former company and GsmBest Team had cancelled and disbaned, all he says should not repersent the former company and GsmBest Team any more.

6. We are the technical team, all we want is to focus on technical field. We firmly believe that the most important thing is to offer good service and bring exclusive functions to our user. We will keep going and not give up, and hope to get your trust and support. Thank you for your time to read this clarification.

Proverbs 12:22 “The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy”

BST Team
3rd August, 2019

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