BST Dongle V3.24.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-G3606 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G3608 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G3609 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SM-G360HU Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SM-G360BT Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360FY Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360GY Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G360V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N900V Flash/Unlock/(Super)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N900R4 Flash/Unlock/(Super)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G7105 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G7105L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G906K Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G906L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G906S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G901F Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G910S Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added GT-I9508 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SHV-E370K Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SHV-E370L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SHV-E370S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SHV-E370D Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN Fixed: > Fixed Win8 compatibility problems > Fixed Samsung User SuperIMEI not display problems > Fixed Software UI compatibility problems > Optimized Write/Read QCN option

BST Dongle V3.23.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added GT-I9515 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added GT-I9515L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added GT-I9152P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added GT-I9158P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added GT-I9158V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G386T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G386T1 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G386W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N900T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N9007 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N9109W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G9009D Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G9009W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G900P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N9009 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N9009V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-N900P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G7109 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G5309W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-G3509I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-W2015 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-W2014 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SM-A3009 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Super(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert > Added SCH-I939I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN > Added GT-I9128E Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added GT-I9128I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN > Added SM-G3819D Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3509 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3508 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3508I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9060I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SGH-T599 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW [Xiaomi] > Added Xiaomi MiPad ScreenLock/OneKey Recovery Fixed: > Added Samsung Qualcomm Read QCN option. > Added Samsung Fast Scan option. (Auto Enable, disable on “Settings” tab) > Optimized Write Cert option. (Support more samsung cert files) > Fixed Samsung SM-G850x Write Cert bugs. > Fixed Samsung SM-G530H Write Default EFS bugs.

BST Dongle V3.22.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-N9150 Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SC-01G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915F Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915FY Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915G Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915P Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915T Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915R4 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N915K Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW (Beta) > Added SM-N915L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW (Beta) > Added SM-N915S Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW (Beta) > Added SM-A3000 Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300FU Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-A300YZ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G870A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SC-02G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-870F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-870W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850FQ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850K Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850S Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-850Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G5306W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G5308W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530BT Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530FZ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G530Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW Fixed: > Added Samsung Qualcomm Write QCN option. > Fixed Samsung SM-N910C/H Write Cert bugs.

BST Dongle V3.21.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-N910H Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N910K Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N910L Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N910S Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N910C Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-N910U Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G800F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G800H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G800M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G800R4 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G800Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Write Cert/(Super)IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9195 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9195H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9195T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9195L Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9197 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8730 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8730T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9118 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S6812 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S6812B Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S6812C Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7270L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7273T Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7390E Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7390G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7390L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-S7392L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G310HN Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G350 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8200 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8200L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8200N Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I8200Q Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9168 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added GT-I9168I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3812 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3812B Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3818 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/HW > Added SM-G3819D Flash/ScreenLock > Added SM-A3000 Flash/ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-A5000 Flash/ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-A7000 Flash/ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-A7009 Flash/ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery [MTK] > Added MTK6572 Read Info > Added MTK6572 Enable USB Debug > Added MTK6572 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root) Fixed: > Added Samsung Write Cert option, support original samsung certificates file. > Added Samsung operation help, press “help” button only > Fixed some of samsung models Read EFS bugs > Fixed some of samsung models Wr.Default EFS bugs […]

BST Dongle V3.29.00 Released

Support qualcomm series new security model “Qualcomm Direct Unlock” and “Bypass MSL” without root. Optimized samsung “Reset FRP/EE” algorithm, more samsung models supported “Reset FRP/EE” option. Added: [Samsung] > Added GT-I9158 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Bypass MSL} > Added SC-01H {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-J700K {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-P555K {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-P555L {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-P555S {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-W2016 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Super(MEID/IMEI),Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-P902 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Read/Write Cert,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-T817T {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Write Cert} > Added SM-A3000 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A3009 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300F {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300FU {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300G {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300H {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300M {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300Y {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A300YZ {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A5000 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A5009 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500F {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500F1 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500FU {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500G {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500H {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500K {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500L {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500M {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500S {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500Y {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A500YZ {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A7000 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A7009 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700FD {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700H {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700K {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700L {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700S {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A700YD {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-A8000 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-N9100 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL,Reset FRP/EE} > Added SM-N9106W {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N9108V {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N9109W {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910A {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910D {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910F {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910G {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910J {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910T {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} > Added SM-N910T2 {Qualcomm Direct Unlock,Bypass MSL} […]

BST Dongle V3.20.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-N9100 *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910G *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910T Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N9106W *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N9108V *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910F *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910W8 *Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910A Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910D Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910J Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910P Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910R4 Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N910V Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-G900I Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-G900M Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-N900A Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9190 Flash/Unlock/*IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9192 Flash/Unlock/*IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I8260 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/*IMEI/*HW > Added SM-G3568V Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7392 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6010W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S6102Z Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S6790 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6790E Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6790L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6790N Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6792L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6810B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6810E Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6810L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added GT-S6810M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added SM-G901F Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-G9009W Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-G906S Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SC-04F Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-G850S Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N900U Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9009V Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SCH-I939 *OneKey Recovery > Added SCH-I939D *OneKey Recovery > Added SCH-I939I *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-I9308I *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-I9308 *OneKey Recovery > Added SC-04F *OneKey Recovery > Added SGH-T999V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G850S *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G901F *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G906S *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900T *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900U *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9009V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G7108 *OneKey Recovery […]

BST Dongle V3.19.06 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-G900W8 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900R4 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SC-01F Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9060L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9063T Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9128 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9128V Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5300L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5301B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5301L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5310B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5310E Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5310G Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5310L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5312L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S5830Z Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7580 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7580L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7582 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N9150 Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915F Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915G Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915K Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915P Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915S Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N915T Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9008S(4.3) *Remove Samsung Account Lock (Disable Reactivation Lock) > Added SM-N9008V(4.3) *Remove Samsung Account Lock (Disable Reactivation Lock) > Added SC-01F *OneKey Recovery Fixed: > Optimized Xiaomi remove screenlock option > Optimized Samsung sending files error when flashing > Fxied Samsung SM-N9008V no have 4G network problem > Fixed Auto-clear option clear all infomation after scan > Fixed MTK module 5002 error when BST install path had chinese directory

BST Dongle V3.19.00 Released

Added: [Samsung] > Added GT-I9507V Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9507 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I8552B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9082C Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7562C Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7500 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-S7500L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9308I Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added GT-I9208 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-G7108V Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-N910F Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910G Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910H Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910K Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910L Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910S Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910W8 Flash/*ScreenLock > Added GT-I9205 Flash/*ScreenLock > Added GT-I9508V Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-G910S Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-G900I *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-I9508 *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-G9009W *OneKey Recovery > Added SCH-I959 *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-I9200 *OneKey Recovery > Added GT-I9205 *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N7505 *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G910S *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G7108V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910F *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910G *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910H *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910K *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910L *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910S *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910W8 *OneKey Recovery Fixed: > Optimized display operation manual after select samsung model > Fixed some of model restore superIMEI bugs

BST Dongle V3.18.00 Released

Support Samsung NOTE4 remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss! Support MTK(MTK6577, MTK6582) read info, enable usb debug, remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss! Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-N9002 Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N9008S Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N900K Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N900L Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N900S Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N7502 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N7506V Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-N7508V Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-G3815 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9092 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9098 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta) > Added SM-N9100 Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9106W Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9109W Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9108V Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910C Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N910U Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9100 *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9106W *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9109W *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9108V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910C *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N910U *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N9002 *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900A *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900K *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900L *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N900S *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N7506V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N7508V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-N7105 *OneKey Recovery [MTK] > Added MTK6577 Read Info > Added MTK6582 Read Info > Added MTK6577 Enable USB Debug > Added MTK6582 Enable USB Debug > Added MTK6577 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root) > Added MTK6582 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root) Fixed: > Optimized Xiaomi MI3 (TD-SCDMA) ScreenLock operation Information: * How to Unlock and IMEI Repair for Samsung (qualcomm) note3/s5: Tips: this operation will be loss phone imei, suggest backup efs & nvm before any operation. 1). Write Default EFS 2). Write SuperIMEI 3). Put SIM card and check network, do “Repair 3G” if no network.

BST Dongle V3.17.00 Released

Support S5 (qualcomm) unlock and imei repair, backup phone original efs before do operation, its will loss original imei! Support MTK(MTK6589, MTK6575) read info, enable usb debug, remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss! Support Xiaomi MI1/MI1-Youth/MI1S-Youth/MI2/MI2A/MI4W, remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss! Added: [Samsung] > Added SM-G900F Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9006V Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9006W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9008V Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G9008W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900A Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900FD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900K Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900L Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900MD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900S Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900T Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900T1 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G900V Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SM-N9008V Flash/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added GT-I9301I Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G7102 Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G7106 Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G7108 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW > Added SM-G7109 Flash/*ScreenLock > Added SCH-I809 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added SCH-I909 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added SCH-I919 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW > Added SM-N9008V *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G900F *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G900FD *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G9006W *OneKey Recovery > Added SM-G9008W *OneKey Recovery [Xiaomi] > Added Xiaomi 1 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added Xiaomi 1 (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added Xiaomi 1S (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added Xiaomi 2 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added Xiaomi 2A (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery > Added Xiaomi 4W (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery [MTK] > Added MTK Module support > Added MTK6575 Read Info > Added MTK6589 Read Info > Added MTK6575 Enable USB Debug > Added MTK6589 Enable USB Debug > Added MTK6575 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root) > Added MTK6589 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root) Fixed: > Fixed cannot detect comm port bugs > Optimized Samsung Flashing function Information: * About Samsung Galaxy S5 (Qualcomm) Unlock and IMEI Repair, please Write Default EFS and then repair 3G network, after done do operation